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From Hobby to Hobby that Pays

I have always been an enthusiast or one sort or another.  I've had more hobbies than I care to admit but sewing is one that has stuck around.  In 2016 I bought a great military surplus backpack (the Swedish-made LK35!).  It is a rugged, external frame sack that has everything I wanted except external pouches.  So... I borrowed a sewing machine and sewed on some MOLLE webbing onto the outside so I could hang some extra pouches.  AND I GOT HOOKED!

Since then I have owned about 37 sewing machines at one time (don't worry I'm down to 6 or so now!), made a variety of homemade bags and backpacks of varying quality and actually gotten a job for about a year in marine canvas because of the experience I gained through this hobby.

I enjoy taking on new challenges that stretch my skills and techniques and love presenting my clients with clean beautiful solutions to their sewn needs.  I specialize in marine canvas repair and fabrication, industrial covers, seat recovering for recreational vehicles (ATVs).

Contact me today to share your project idea with me!

- Patrick Giguère