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My Story

From Hobby to Jobby

I have always been an enthusiast or one sort or another.  I've had more hobbies than I care to admit but sewing is one that has stuck around.  In 2016, I borrowed an old home sewing machine from someone, determined to sew myself a custom backpack like I saw on YouTube, and managed to make something mostly functional... I was hooked!

Since then I have owned about 37 different sewing machines and made a variety of backpacks and pouches of varying quality.

Looking for more materials for my hobby brought me one day to a local sewing shop where I was immediately offered a job.  I learned a lot there and since 2020 I have been serving the Saint John area part-time as a marine canvas fabricator.

I enjoy taking on new challenges that stretch my skills and techniques and nothing beats the feeling of showing people the finished product they requested.

- Patrick Giguère


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